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How to Achieve the Rainbow Eye Shadow Look for Pride 2021 — Expert Tips

It’s officially Pride 2021, and while every month is a good time to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community — June is when the festivities really kick into high gear. As we ease back into showing our faces minus masks and wearing colorful makeup again, Pride is a great time to turn up the volume on a vibrant, rainbow look.

Working with bold pigments can be intimidating, but makeup artist and Guide Beauty founder Terri Bryant tells Allure that there are no rules. “It’s a celebration full of joy, self-expression, lots of love, and of course, fabulous pops of color.” With a precise roadmap on how to create a look that’s bold and flawless, you’ll be applying like an expert artist in no time. Best of all, with the right tips, your creation will last through any warm-weather Pride activities you participate in. 

Before we dive deeper into which products work best for stacking your shadows and liners, let’s lay down some basics. To start, makeup artist Lauren D’Amelio recommends layering cream products underneath powder colors. This will not only help the top layers of color to show up more vividly, but it’ll keep the product in place. Makeup artist Fatima Thomas, agrees. “I usually start by laying down cream colors to create the shapes and placements I want,” she says. “Then I’ll layer powder eye shadows and pigments on top to set the creams and give great color saturation.” 

While it may sound out of order, makeup artist Shadi Malek recommends applying eye makeup before your foundation. “That way, your foundation looks flawless after your eyes are perfected,” thus avoiding any excess fallout from your eye shadow pigment, she tells Allure.

Additionally, when it comes time to swipe on some eye shadow, makeup artist Jordan advises using a separate clean brush for each color. “Dirty brushes or brushes that have been used on multiple shades create a dull appearance,” she says.

To help you create a one-of-a-kind rainbow makeup look, we’ve got the product recommendations, professional tips, and step-by-step instructions to help you dream up your next colorful look. 

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