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How India’s Air Pollution is Being Turned into Stylish Floor Tiles

Carbon craft

In an effort to save his generation from the suffocating air pollution in cities like Delhi, Angad Daryani has invented a filterless outdoor air purifier that collects air particles that can be used by a company that makes custom tiles.

The existing air purification infrastructure is very expensive and many use filters to clean particulate matter, which means they need replacement filters on a regular basis.

Two of Daryani’s five-cubic-foot devices cost less than the latest iPhone, while they filter 300 cubic feet of air per minute, more than enough for a small family home.

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Your company Praan has raised $ 1.5 million in startup investments, and bills itself as the world’s most advanced and affordable AI-powered air purifier. Companies in their native country of India, but other nations like South Korea and Mexico struggling with air pollution, everyone has shown interest.

Daryani plans to use the money to run a pilot program across India this fall, rolling out the device in schools, hotels and industrial projects. His main directive is to keep cost low, as those who suffer the most from polluted air are often the poorest in society.

“Many of the most polluted countries in the world are among the poorest,” Daryani explained to BBC. “Poor people work in factories, build streets and infrastructure, and use public transportation to get to work. They live and work in the most polluted environments. “

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One of the main selling points of his purifier is that it is not necessary to change the collection chamber for six months, but realizing that what he and his machines had captured were valuable raw materials, he handed over the leftover contaminants to another company. India. called Carbon craft design.

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They make elegant floor and wall tiles that sometimes clean up to 5 kilograms of CO2 per tile and extract carbon emissions from the transportation, tanning, paper and lubricant industries.

Carbon Craft uses airborne particles as a dye, combining them with rock debris from quarries to create a fully recycled flooring product.

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