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Hospital Presents Newborns With Hand-Crocheted Gold Medals and Adorable Team USA Outfits

A hospital gifted its newborn babies with tiny crocheted Olympic outfits and gold medals.

Staff at Saint Luke’s Health System in Kansas City even decided to hold the Tokyo 2020 opening ceremony by passing a plastic ‘torch’ around the babies in their care.


The ‘athletes’ from the USA mini-team used handmade swimming, weightlifting, boxing, basketball, gymnastics and tennis kits for their photoshoot.

The crocheted swimsuit accompanied an adorable swim cap and goggles, while the weightlifting babe joined the 7lb 6oz weight class with her little dumbbell.

Nurse Stephanie Peterson, who works at the Missouri hospital, also made about 20 gold medals.


He spent about two hours at the baby medals to celebrate “how wonderful they are to come to this world.”

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“Complying during COVID is difficult,” he said, and it is good to be celebrated. Everybody wants to win a gold medal.


The ‘crowds’, also known as the little ones’ families, were invited to cheer on their athlete at the special ceremony and photoshoot, and were even able to take the outfit home to keep.


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