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Hannah Arendt & the Politics of Truth


Hannah Arendt and the politics of truth

January 7, 2021– “It is important to remember that Hannah Arendt wrote” Truth and Politics “in response to the reaction she received when publishing Eichmann in Jerusalem. What worried her most was a form of political propaganda that uses lies to erode reality. Political power, He warned, we will always sacrifice factual truth for political gain. But the side effect of lies and propaganda is the destruction of the sense by which we can orient ourselves in the world; it is the loss of both the common good and common sense. “More in this OpenDemocracy article. (13 readings)

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To take actionDo you feel aware of your agency and do you have the power to defend justice? Learn more about Arendt’s ideas and convictions in this article on ‘Love and How to Live with the Fundamental Fear of Loss.’ [more]



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