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Halsey Shares Her Favorite Beauty Looks of All Time — See Photos

A celebrity coming out with a makeup line is usually as noteworthy as a basketball player
introducing a new pair of sneakers. But when that celebrity is Halsey, a person who also does her own makeup… at every event… always (including her Allure cover shoot), well, then you start to
ask yourself why you never see Steph Curry sitting at a sewing machine and making those high tops himself. 

“Makeup has always been my go-to form of expression,” the singer tells Allure. “Makeup allows me to try on a new persona for the day.” And it’s true: The only constant in Halsey’s beauty repertoire is that she’s constantly switching things up. With so many great beauty moments to choose from, we asked Halsey to walk us through some of the most noteworthy looks she’s ever worn — and to tell us the whole story behind them.

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