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Fuller brows are back like never before. From laminated to micro blading, many seek to have the fullest brow possible. 

As a brow artist the statement I hear most often is “I’m letting my brows grow back in”. While that’s the right idea, growth takes action. So my response to them usually sounds like “what are you doing to help them grow?”

Usually puzzled looks follow. 

But what’s wrong with letting?

If you have lived through the 90s you may have also experienced the thin teeny barely there “eyebrows” (used loosely). 

Often time with repetitive threading and or waxing the follicle has gone through trauma. To get technical; the follicle in the face isn’t as deep as it is in the scalp. The chance of long term damage is higher. 

In order for the follicle to begin working at its optimal potential it needs to be fed by your blood. So, to get the most healthy brow you must have great blood flow. 

Since the brows follicle sits so shallow in the face the best way to provide this stimulation is with an aid. 

The best way to naturally stimulate the brows is with a spoolie (mascara wand) and a natural stimulating oil, like peppermint oil. My favorite concoction is equal amount of peppermint and castor oil. Castor oil will help keep the brow hairs hydrated while the peppermint will irritate the skin enough to provide adequate circulation. 

This is a very natural way to grow in the brows. Since it’s natural it will take time. It’s hard to say how long it will take but it is dependent on your consistency. 

I recommend not touching them for 3 months then going to see your brow artist. They will expertly be able to re-shape your brows as they continue to grow. 

Britt Brow is located in the Los Angeles are and open for new clients. 

Remember, it’s eyebrows over everything. 

Written By: Britt Brow

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