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Good Samaritan Saves Farmer’s Pig, Calls 911 After Joining Livestream and Seeing Barn On Fire

With so many streaming services, 24-hour news shows, and podcasts available for online entertainment, a farmer thanks his lucky star that a woman just wanted to watch a live webcast of a pigsty.

Matthew baumgartner

While Lucy and Ethel, a pair of pregnant, pot-bellied sows, seemed destined to be roasted by the fire in the barn, Laura Palladino, who tuned in to the live feed to see if they had farrowed, was able to call 911 and alert farmers in the impending disaster.

Palladino had visited Ethel and Lucy a few weeks earlier in their pigsty at June Farms in upstate New York, and he liked the animals so much that after the farmer installed a webcam the day before the incident, he decided he would check it out. . your new friends.

CBS News reports that according to Palladino, she was (perhaps unsurprisingly) the only viewer of the live broadcast, the only one in the world who knew what was happening.

Live stream of ‘Swine Cam’ / June Farms

“I went online and at first I thought it was like a wood burning stove in the background,” Palladino said. WKBN. When he realized it was a fire, he took action, despite being 60 miles away, in a different county.

“I just called 911, but I’m in Dutchess County, so 911 sent me to Dutchess County 911. And the operator said, ‘What? Are you watching a YouTube video? ‘”, He said.

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However, the call eventually got to Matt Baumgartner and pawn Joshua Vics, who rushed to the scene and saved the bacon from the animals. Apparently clumsy Ethel had knocked over a heat lamp, which set the straw ablaze.

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“My mind immediately went to the worst. My heart fell into my stomach, ”Vics said. “I don’t like to think about how bad it could have been if she (Palladino) hadn’t said something.”

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