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Gigi Hadid’s Latest Instagram Photo Reminds Us How Good She Looks As a Redhead

Model Gigi Hadid may be used to having fun as a blonde (in many shades), but since March she’s been enjoying her days as a redhead. She ditched the blonde shade for an auburn hue, which she first debuted on the Versace runway at Milan Fashion Week on March 5. (What a way to introduce a new hair color!) And on June 27, she shared what looks like a throwback photo of her fiery red hair when it was freshly colored. 

The model posted a glowy selfie with a caption that reads, “city limit ⚓🚨,” for her over 67 million followers, who praised the gorgeous hair color. Hadid is smack dab in the middle of a concrete jungle, which serves as an industrial background for her candid selfie. She’s dressed simply, in a black coat and matching hat with glorious, radiant skin.

This shade appears to be a much more vibrant copper color than what Hadid initially showed up to Milan Fashion Week with. Her super long hair flows naturally around her face, with loose waves throughout. If you ask us, it’s definitely giving I-woke-up-like this look. 

The bright color adds an extra luminosity to her already-glowy face. We’re not too sure if she was just wearing a bomb foundation or what, but she looks beautiful —  I  mean, what else can you expect from a Hadid? All in all, she makes a stunning redhead. We love to see how she’s playing around with different shades of red, really demonstrating the range of possibilities within the color family. If she’s reminiscing on her true redhead days, perhaps she’ll head in for a fresh dye job soon. Maybe next time she’ll opt for a darker blood hue or a lighter strawberry blonde? We can only hope.

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