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September 28, 2021– “Time dominates us, there is no way to escape from it. Sometimes it may seem that it governs our lives: we are pressured by it; we do not have it; it is running out. We need to be on time and In other” moments “we may find that we have time in our hands, or better, the ease of having all the time in the world. It is such a vital aspect of our lives that telling time is one of the first skills we teach our children. However, after the first years of primary school, and despite its constant presence and undoubted importance, time disappears from the curriculum. ” In this thoughtful essay, Richard Gault explores the difference between clock time and the Greek notion of “kairos,” or “knowing the right time,” and shows ways in which technology has radically altered our relationship with time. (3 readings)

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To take actionFor more inspiration, check out this On Being interview with Richard Rohr, “Living in Deep Time.” [more]


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