Gemini Horoscope July 2021 — Love and Career Predictions

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Welcome to July, flirty Gemini! June brought professional praise, and damn, do you deserve it. Even during the distracting summer months, you’ve been working hard, and it’s paying off. You can be impulsive, especially when your confidence is up. While we want you to feel good, beware of making irrational decisions on Tuesday, July 6. Messenger Mercury is your ruling planet and is currently in your sign, and on this date, it squares (an unfavorable aspect) dreamy Neptune in Pisces. As a result, it’s hard to separate fact from fiction. Make sure you have all the information before you agree to new professional projects. 

You’re the social butterfly of the zodiac and tend to have a busy schedule. You attend so many events that people wonder if there are two of you. You are represented by the twins, after all. However, if you can, turn down party invitations during the new moon in sweet Cancer on Friday, July 9. This night is all about pampering yourself with luxurious self-care. Okay, fine, you can invite a lover over, but try to get some beauty sleep, pretty Gemini. 

On Sunday, July 11, your ruling planet, messenger Mercury, enters intuitive Cancer and lights up the financial sector of your chart. Are you due for a raise? If so, now is a great time to ask for one. But you have to come to the table prepared. Write down all of the ways in which you help your company or employer prosper and be ready to present your case. It’s hard to say no to a Gemini, especially when you do your research to back up an argument. 

You’re known for being charming and the life of the party, but there’s more to you than charisma. When Chiron, a comet that’s known as the “wounded healer” goes retrograde in bold Aries on Thursday, July 15, you’re asked to focus on internal work. You’re great at hiding wounds, Gemini, but the fact is that you’re human, and you have them. Consider working with a therapist if you don’t already to process trauma and become an even better version of yourself. If it’s any motivation, when you feel good, you look good. 

And speaking of feeling good, Gemini, you can expect some positive financial news when Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and money enters hard-working Virgo on Wednesday, July 21. Your leg work is likely to pay off at this time if you’ve made a good case for yourself. Celebrate during the full moon, a time of manifestation, in progressive Aquarius on Friday, July 23. Gather friends and get outside to soak in the sun. Organize a picnic (yes, you can bring wine and wear glitter). In fact, keep your favorite makeup palettes out for the rest of July, because your ruling planet, Mercury, enters Leo on Tuesday, July 27. Leo loves attention just as much as you do, so this transit implies that the rest of the month will be filled with laughter and joy with friends. Soak it up, Gemini, and see you in August! 

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