Garnier Fructis Smoothing Treat 1 Minute Hair Mask — Editor Review

Come winter, my skin gets just about as dry as the Sahara Desert, and well, sadly, the same goes for my hair. For this reason, I’m always on the hunt for hair-care treatments that are deeply hydrating to help prevent frizziness and breakage — and believe it or not, one of my favorite finds ever is the Garnier Fructis Smoothing Treat 1 Minute Hair Mask, which you can score at the drugstore for less than $10.

I picked up the brand’s hair mask (specifically the one made with avocado extract) on a whim a few months back when my hair was starting to feel seriously straw-like. The ingredient list impressed me right off the bat, as it’s made with ultra-nourishing ingredients like shea butter, sunflower seed oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, and olive fruit oil. Additionally, it’s not loaded with silicones and artificial dyes and fragrances like so many formulas on the market — that, and it contains glycerin for added hydration.

After using the rich, creamy formula for the first time, I noticed an immediate difference in how my hair felt. It was significantly softer and easier to brush through, and I barely had any tangles, which is a rarity for me. Once my hair was completely dry, I also realized that it looked less frizzy. Overall, it looked and felt healthier than it had in months — and I hadn’t done anything else differently.

I also have to note how wildly delicious this hair mask smells, because well, it matters. The avocado formula, in particular, smells fruity and slightly tropical, and I love how the scent lingers in my hair long after I’ve washed the mask out. It’s never too sweet or overpowering, though, so don’t be worried if your nose is on the sensitive side.

Take it from yours truly: If you’re struggling with dry, brittle hair this season, consider taking this affordable treatment for a test-drive. You can shop it now for $8 at your local drugstore.

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