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Gabrielle Union Haircare Line

By Jenna Brooks

From the absolutely gorgeous and radiant actress and tv show host personality, Gabrielle Union, comes a brand-new black-owned and completely black-designed haircare brand called Flawless. In combination with Larry Sims, the brand flawless was created to provide black women with a dependable hair product brand that protected the health of their hair while not breaking the bank.

The brand’s products were designed for all different types of hairstyles, according to brand co-host Larry Sims, from braids to weaves to curls to afros. They wanted their products to be versatile and all-inclusive, with the ability to shop by your specific hair type or product type, depending on what you’re looking for. Gabrielle Union stated on her website that she wanted those who used her products to feel simply beautiful for an affordable price. They offer a large range of products from creams for heat protection and treatment to a hydrating mist for curl revamping through the day to even a 2-in-1 combination shampoo and conditioner. 

Additionally, you’re able to look through the ingredients before purchasing, with every product containing all-natural ingredients and no sulfates, parabens, or silicones. In addition to their haircare products they offer an array of different testimonials on how to achieve certain looks, in addition to tips from Larry on how to have beautiful, healthy hair all year round, making the brand a definite place to check out for your next haircare purchase. 

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