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April 23, 2021– “Above a clear, rocky stream, a small green tree frog perches on the belly of a leaf. Turning its tiny snout toward the water, the frog lets out three chirps in the dark, struggling to make itself known. The act of naming is never a discovery, but a description of what was always there, a sound connected to a thought in time. The heart within the translucent chest of the little frog by the stream beats with blood dating back 300 million years , long before the first expression of human language. And until recently, it survived, like 86 percent of life on earth, without a scientific name, unable to get through what taxonomists call the Linne deficit. ” Science writer Natalie Middleton shares more. (57 reads)

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To take actionWhat is the meaning of your name and the story behind it? Reflect on what and with whom it connects you.



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