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Four litter-picking groups that are bringing people together

Truckers cleaning up Great Britain

After years of driving long distances, Martin Burrows decided to do something with the depressing piles of trash he saw every day on the highways and A-highways. He made it a habit to regularly spend 30 minutes outside of his cab, picking up trash at any rest area. , rest stop or delivery depot that you will find. It was also an opportunity to stretch out and take a breath while driving.

Then Burrows created a Facebook group to urge other drivers to do the same, as well as to show the public that drivers weren’t all to blame for littering, and it all escalated.

Now, Truckers cleaning up Great Britain It has close to 2,000 followers and hundreds of truck drivers regularly conduct their own cleanings, posting evidence of their efforts online. “Truck drivers can be part of the solution rather than part of the problem,” says Burrows.

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