Mycobacterium Water Test or Slime-forming Bacteria?

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Todays 1 on 1 is for two neat products from SimpleLab Tap Score that are reasonably priced. Between Mycobacterium Water Test and Slime-forming Bacteria, which do we like better? Why?? Let’s take a closer peek and see what there is to see.

The first product is

Mycobacterium Water Test 😆

Recommended for targeted testing of non-tuberculosis mycobacterium (NTM) in drinking water. Mycobacteria can grow in drinking water distribution systems and cause disease in humans. There has been a rise in non-tuberculosis mycobacterium detections–particularly in hospitals and other health-care offices–due to heater cooler units required during operations. 

There are also over 170 mycobacterium species commonly found in the environmental and in drinking water sources, including: M. avium (MAC), M. fortuitum, M. gordonae, M. kansasii, and M. xenopi.

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Our second item on the list today is Slime-forming Bacteria!

Test your drinking water for the presence of slime-forming bacteria with this at-home self-testing kit. This class of bacteria forms disruptive slime layers on the surfaces of your pipes, fixtures, and appliances. This at-home kit is a recommended add-on for those whose water appears to leave slime or biofilm on faucets, fixtures, and surfaces.

Important: This at-home test kit should be ordered as an addition to a laboratory test package (i.e. Core Kit: Essential, Advanced, or Extended package). Results from lab testing are often very important towards making sense of self-testing kit results.

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So I’m calling my choice between these two has got to be a close call in favor of Slime-forming Bacteria.

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