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Fire season

August 19, 2021– “I used to think that I would live to see the future of my visions. Now I only hope that the grandchildren of my grandchildren walk in a kinder world, alive for a multidimensional kinship, knowing that everything they can see, hear and touch it is sacred. I do not know how much will have to be burned before we abandon our behavior patterns that are poisoning the Earth, destroying Her wild places. Before we can hear again the music that connects seabirds with the flow of the tides. Visions are full of promises and not all are fulfilled. How worlds come together, how dreams intertwine in consciousness, is one of life’s greatest mysteries. ” Sufi master Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee looks at, and beyond, the approaching flames. (72 reads)

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To take actionFor another thought-provoking article, read Trebbe Johnson’s personal essay, “Kissed by Fire.” [more]


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