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Finding the Human in Nature


The Biology of Wonder: Finding the Human Being in Nature

June 29, 2021– “In this book, I describe a biology of the feeling self, a biology that has discovered subjective feeling as the fundamental driving force in all life, from the cellular level to the complexity of the human organism. I also describe how this discovery turns our image of ourselves upside down. We have also understood human beings as biological machines that somehow and quite inexplicably involve some subjective x-factor known as mind, spirit or soul. But now biology is discovering subjectivity as a principle Fundamental in all nature. discovers that even the simplest living things, bacterial cells, fertilized eggs, nematodes in the tidal flats act according to values. Organisms value everything they find according to its meaning for greater coherence of your embodied being. Even the self-production of cells, maintenance cont inuo of a highly structured order, it can only be understood if we perceive the cell as an actor persistently pursuing a goal. I call this new point of view a ‘poetic ecology.’ “Andreas Weber shares more in this excerpt from his book,” The Biology of Wonder. “19 readings)

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