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FarmMatch Allows You to Shop Online at Local Farms in Your Area

Max Kane was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease after years of eating the standard American diet high in salt, fat, and sugar. While it is not clear if his poor diet caused this autoimmune disease, what is clear is that things changed when he began working with his dietitian.

Kane’s health flourished, he gained 50 pounds. of lean muscle mass, and the catalyst was a new eating program that consisted solely of foods grown and processed on farms in his area.

Along with his diet and health, Kane’s attitude also changed, and he took up the torch as a proud member of the farm-to-table movement, small farms by creating, the simplest desirable tool for those looking to support. to the little ones. farmers in your area and increase the quality of the contents of your refrigerator. It couldn’t be easier to use. Simply enter your zip code, choose from the list of farms, fill your basket with your produce, and then choose whether you want to pick it up or have it delivered to your door.

Best of all, because many of these small farms offer access to restaurants and other city locations, those who live in the heart of big cities can get fresh produce and meat without the need to drive an hour outside. from the city to buy the products.

“There are only tens of thousands of small farms that are already making deliveries in the city, and they have these delivery locations or food distribution models at the pickup locations where they go to all these different neighborhoods in the city and you find them in the Pickup location and get your food, “Kane explains in a podcast. interview.

While FarmMatch is as simple a tool as you like, Kaane hopes to create an app where locals who shop from the platform can upload their orders to a community database. If there are people in low-income areas who may not have the means to get to a pickup location, neighbors who drive there will have a chance to help out.

This, Kane says, not only builds relationships with the community, but keeps the cost of produce low, as small farmers don’t have to speed up each and every home delivery.

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“In an effective and tangible way [FarmMatch] it really addresses the fragility of our food system, ”says Kane, pointing to the empty supermarket shelves that typified the first months of the COVID-19 lockdowns.

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For those of you who have just read a four-page article somewhere on “multi-paddock adaptive rotational grazing strategies” for livestock, or on permaculture and agroforestry, but then realized they didn’t have access to any of these foods of superior quality, there may be a farm waiting for you, and your dollar, closer than you bargained for.

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More than 40,000 small farmers are already coordinating with Kane to make their product available to people in their area, which as of December 2020 had facilitated 600,000 orders.

(CLOCK the great FarmMatch how-to video below).

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