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Farmer Becomes YouTube Star at 84-Years-old With His Softly Spoken Words of Wisdom

Spiritual unfolding

In the words of William Shakespeare, “Some are born great. Some achieve greatness. And some have had greatness imposed on them. ”The same could be said of internet fame.

Ask John Butler, an 84-year-old former farmer from Derbyshire, England.

Riding an adult tricycle, sporting a neatly combed beard and often in a cheery Oxford blue beret with matching gloves, the unlikely senior social media sensation has almost unknowingly become a peaceful guru for a growing and growing legion. devoted to admirers.

Butler, an early proponent of organic farming, is a longtime practitioner of meditation. As part of his spiritual journey, he began recording inspiring messages in hopes of imparting the lessons he had learned to others.

The calm tone, calming presence, and, according to one listener, “a voice like a glass of hot milk,” with which Butler delivered his home-made tips online soon struck a soft chord with the rising tide of viewers struggling to decompress from the day. – current anxiety triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Spiritual unfolding

To date, his YouTube channel Spiritual development with John Butler it currently has 182,000 subscribers whose distant global locations definitely put the “whole world” on the global web.

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Butler’s rise to fame began with a 2016 BBC interview that showcased his conscious outlook on life.

After the episode aired, members of the Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) community singled him out as someone noteworthy not only for what he said, but for the way he said it. (ASMR devotees enjoy the accompanying calming influence and tingling sensations triggered by whispers or other forms of soft-spoken expression.)

From there, almost like a new age Bob Ross without a brush, the octogenarian’s popularity soared, but no one was more surprised by his newfound notoriety than Butler himself.

Having always considered himself a “misfit”, prior to his ongoing video project, Butler says he had never heard of YouTube and had little practical knowledge of the Internet.

But no matter how his karma developed, Butler feels blessed to be able to provide a stabilizing influence for people who are simply doing their best to cope with modern life.

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“Many people have this problem with an agitated mind, a restless mind, and because one instinctively seeks some kind of balance, people seek rest or peace, right?” Butler told the BBC.

“If something in my voice conveys that rest, then I thank God for that. I’m not sure how it happens … but I’m very happy to be able to share what I love. “

(CLOCK one of John’s videos below).

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