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Emergence Disturbs the Concept of Linearity

Appearance disturbs the concept of linearity

June 4, 2021– When Bayo Akomolafe was a child, he prayed to God for a “faith meter”, a kind of tool that would measure his worth and ensure his place in heaven. “Of course I didn’t get an answer to my prayer,” he says. “But I got something better than an answer, I was puzzled, and now I am in a puzzled state.” Academic, poet and philosopher, Bayo Akomolafe has dedicated his life to mediating between the spiritual and the scientific. Raised as a Christian in Lagos, Nigeria’s hyper-religious capital, he studied Psychology and then, while researching for his Ph.D., spent 7 years teaching at the Covenant University of Nigeria. In 2016, he co-founded The Emergence Network, an alliance of individuals, initiatives, and communities that use art, research, and ritual to rethink some of the world’s intertwined social and environmental issues. “(210 reads)

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