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Eleven Walks with Expert Eyes

The art of looking: eleven walks with expert eyes

August 11, 2021– “‘How we spend our days,’ ‘Annie Dillard wrote in her beautiful timeless meditation on presence over productivity,’ is, of course, how we spend our lives. more miserable and tragic than in urban life: in the city, high up in the cult of productivity, where we float side by side, past the buildings and trees and the little boy in the purple pants, the past life itself, separated from the breathing of the world by iPhone headphones and solipsism. And yet: “The art of seeing has to be learned,” reverberates Marguerite Duras, and it can be learned, as the cognitive scientist Alexandra puts it. Horowitz invites us to believe in his astonishing and wonderful On Looking: Once Walks with Expert Eyes (public library) – a record of his quest to walk a city block with eleven different ‘experts’, from an artist to a geologist to a dog., and eme You will reign with fresh eyes mesmerized by the never-before-seen fascinations of a familiar world. ” Maria Popova shares more in this in-depth exploration of Horowitz’s book. (212 reads)

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To take actionTake a walk in familiar surroundings, with new eyes today. Take a look at what comes into view.


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