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Eldering in the Age of Consumption

Elderly in the age of consumption

March 9, 2021– “In modern Western society, we want to preserve everything and we want to live forever. We wage war on aging and write songs about always being young. Because death is considered neither more nor less than the end of the line. –Something to reject and resist – we live in constant fear of it. But for the Celts, death was inextricably intertwined with life. Each month the moon died and was reborn. Each winter the Sun died and was reborn. The tide rose and rose. the tide turned back. To think that these natural cycles could be avoided was not only unthinkable but undesirable. Of all the dying, something new and precious is always born. ” Sharon Blackie and Stephen Jenkinson share more in this thought-provoking piece.
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To take actionFor more inspiration, check out this powerful conversation, recorded during the onset of the pandemic, with Parker Palmer and other luminous voices: Courage & Vulnerability- Corona & the Wisdom of Elders. [more]


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