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The Celtic Cross spread looks busy and complicated, but anyone with an open mind and a deck of tarot cards can do it. Trust me. 

Get nice and comfy before shuffling your cards. Once you start doing so, think about a situation or desire that’s been on your mind. This can range from the specific — such as moving in with your partner —  to more general questions, like what the next month has in store for you. 

Pull a card, and place it down in the middle of the area you’re working in. It represents the present, as well as your state of mind at the given moment. 

Now, pull card number two, and cross it horizontally over the first card so that they cross, as seen above. Consider this one as the challenge at hand. For example, if you’re doing a reading about moving in together and pull the Three of Swords as the challenge card, old heartbreak and grief may be standing in your way. 

The third card you draw should go to the left of the crossed cards. This one will stand alone, and represents the past, including past events that are still affecting your situation. Now pull the fourth card and place it to the right of the crossed cards. This card shows you the future. 

The fifth card is placed above the crossed first and second cards and represents “the above,” which refers to your goal or desired outcome. Put the sixth card below the crossed cards as “the below,” or the truth of the situation as seen from the unconscious. It cuts through to the truth of the situation, and can often teach you lessons about yourself that your subconscious wants you to know. 

On the bottom of the row to the right, which contains four cards, goes the seventh card. Consider this your “advice” and pertinent information for helping you achieve your goal. The eighth card should be set down above it to represent external influences (i.e., family, money, past trauma) affecting your situation. 

Then, draw your ninth card, and place it above the external influences to show you both your hopes and fears. Remember your attitude about a situation is everything. If insecurity is holding you back, the hopes and fears card will call you out. 

Finally, the last card in the Celtic Cross goes above the ninth to complete the spread. The tenth card shows you the outcome. Don’t be worried if it’s not what you hoped for. The Celtic Cross is designed to be read as a whole, so spend time looking at the entire spread. Do certain cards connect with one another? Are patterns present that are evident in your real-life struggles? Be honest with yourself, and be willing to learn. 

Remember, tarot is fun; you don’t need to take any of these spreads too seriously. None of them dictate how life will turn out, but they do offer useful witchy insight. The more you use tarot, the more it will make sense to you. 

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