Dyeing My Hair Pink Helped Me Accept My Disability

Although I did this in April, during quarantine, I insist that this was not a stay-at-home impulse decision. Mastering different hairstyles had made me feel special, And I wanted to find that again. I should say that I don’t love the color pink, but, Like Audrey Hepburn (probably) once said, “I believe in pink.” Turning my hair pink made me feel like it measured up to someone like Rapunzel, whose hair glows when she sings. She doesn’t need a whole arsenal of hairstyles because her locks are unique enough as is. That’s what I needed: hair that felt special enough, as is.

Quarantine was a great time to test out how long this elation would last because there is no one around to do my hair (except the dog, and he’s just not great at braiding). It’s been nearly five months now, and I feel just as excited about my hair as I did when I first made the change. In turn, this eliminated the majority of the energy that I put into being angry about my inability to style my hair how I wanted. And now I feel significantly more at peace with my left arm being perpetually “Out of Order.”

Courtesy of Chloe Valentine Toscano

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