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Donated Cars and Cash Flood in to South Carolina Mechanic Who Fixes Them And Gives Them Away to Those in Need

A few weeks ago, the CBS Evening News featured a rural South Carolina man who is transforming lives by fixing broken cars and giving them away for free.

Facebook – Middleton Village To Village Foundation Accepts Donation

Where Eliot Middleton lives, there is no public transportation, no Ubers, and no taxis. So if you don’t have a car, there are few options for those with children or physical conditions.

Middleton, a barbecue restaurant owner, is also a trained mechanic rehabbing donated cars in his spare time. Before the CBS report, it had given away 32 cars to rural families since last September.

But after The report broadcast on national television, Eliot received an explosion of donations that included more than 800 cars.

An avalanche of cash also came to your Gofundme page– $ 129,000 – and has thousands of notes from people offering their help and services to aid in his mission. Someone even donated a flatbed truck to help him move all these cars around the country.

“My phone started exploding all over the place,” he told CBS reporter Mark Strassmann from his home in Awendaw.

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Middleton’s sister is helping organize the overwhelming response, also through Eliot’s Facebook page, Middleton’s Village to Village Foundation.

“Whatever bright feeling is inside of me, it just transferred from that TV screen and into them,” he said.

“It is comforting to the soul.”

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