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Doja Cat Is Finally Launching a Makeup Line | Exclusive Interview

Doja Cat‘s Planet Her is more than just a fun album to listen to on repeat and sing along to at the top of your lungs with friends. (You know which lyric I’m talking about.) It’s spawned vibrant music videos and viral TikTok trends that have taken us into an alternate dreamy, iridescent universe — a joyful respite from our typical, chaotic world. 

At the end of the day, Doja Cat, like us, retreats back to this earthly realm, though. She recently moved into a new home surrounded by nature-inspired decor, as she tells Allure over Zoom. (Her username, on which, is Nicholas Cage, by the way.) Among wooden elements and minty touches, the performer is the brightest fixture. 

On September 25, Doja Cat is officially fusing her contrasting imaginary and tangible worlds with her first-ever makeup collection, which she started creating in collaboration with BH Cosmetics a year ago. “Everything is beautifully intertwined and connected down to every last detail,” Yannis Rodocanachi, the brand’s CEO, tells Allure. “With [Planet Her] in mind, we created our packaging together with glamourous gold foil and psychedelic mushrooms to be consistent with what she’s putting out musically.” 

Doja Cat’s Color Journey 

The most representative part of Doja’s prismatic paradise being translated into a beauty line is the 36-shade Mega Shadow Palette ($36) of what can best be described as earthy brights. She points out Orchid, a matte fuchsia, and Flora, a shimmery magenta. They live alongside Fern, a metallic forest green, and Sunflower, a bronzed gold — just as they naturally occur in, well, nature. “I wanted it to feel like we’re in the wild,” Doja explains. “It’s [all about] exploring and learning about the different tones of nature.”

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