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Doffing Our Inner Masks: Lessons from Horses

How to remove our inner masks: lessons from horses

July 21, 2021– “At this time, we are asked to put on masks for everyone’s physical health. However, at the same time, we are challenged to remove our inner masks for our mental health, both individually and collectively. Horses can support us to remove that inner facade and emerge into a more peaceful and positive future … Interestingly, someone asked me the other day, how do horses behave at times like these? It is not. This crisis means nothing to them in terms of their daily life. They adapt and adjust to their environment at every moment of every day. How are they so adaptable? What makes them able to move from calm to stress and vice versa so smoothly? Three basic characteristics of life make horses the ideal model for us to learn in this and at any time in our lives: Foundation, Flexibility and Companionship “. Equestrian trainer and author Lynda Watson shares more in this meditative piece. (17 readings)

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