We discovered some cool pieces from NEWAGE Preformance

Today we pleased to present a number of great items. There are a number of items in NEWAGE Preformance worth featuring today, so let ‘s get to the goodies as quickly as possible!

The first product is…
Carrying Case

  • Fits all mouthware offered site-wide.
  • A clam shell case designed to hold your New Age Performance Mouthware. 
  • Clip-lock technology, to ensure that the case only opens when needed. 

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The 2nd product on the list for today is 5DS Contact Mouthguard!

  • Enhances performance and prevents trauma to the mouth/ jaw during contact physical sports.
  • Placed on the upper jaw for athletes that are required to wear a mouthguard for protection such as: Hockey, Football, Rugby, Lacrosse, and many more!
  • Designed to instantly stabilize 5 dimensions of your jaw including; Anterior Posterior, Protrusive, Pitch, Yaw, Roll.  

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For the 3rd product on the list today is Funnel Mouthware Case 😝

  • The bottom is a protein funnel while the top is a storage container for your mouthware, powders, or vitamins.
  • The two screw-off sections are removable allowing any combination of storage that best fits your lifestyle.
  • Will hold up to 4 mouthpieces in the top portion. 

  • Compact, rugged design capable of withstanding everyday use.

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After that we have NAP Lifting Straps.

  • Made to the highest quality and engineered for heavy lifting with our heavy-duty neoprene wrist padding.
  • Allows you to strengthen your grip during pulling movements like dead-lifts, pull-ups, shrugs and rows.
  • Allows athlete to hit extra reps when your grip would usually fail.
  • Add more weight to your workouts and isolate the muscle involved to hit failure.

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Next up we’ve got Performance Gym Towel.

  • Incredibly soft 13” x 21.5” gym size performance towel with non-reactive dye.
  • Neon green New Age Performance Mouthware logo.
  • Guaranteed to be the best gym towel you own!

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