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Daniel Goleman: Emotional Intelligence Now

Daniel Goleman: emotional intelligence now

June 28, 2021– “Daniel Goleman is a psychologist, science journalist and author of the books Emotional Intelligence (over 5 million copies in print in 40 languages), Social Intelligence and Ecological Intelligence. Sounds True founder Tami Simon talks to Dan about ideas in his landmark book, Emotional Intelligence, and where we have come since its publication in 1995. They discuss the physiology and origin of emotions, the relationship between thought and emotion, constructive versus destructive concern, self-awareness and the practices that support that; temporary states versus permanent traits; the four domains of emotional intelligence; perseverance, drive, and high performance; cultivating unflappable equanimity; and more. ” (55 reads)

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To take actionFor more inspiration, check out this passage from Daniel Goleman, “Attunement: A Presence Without an Agenda.” [more]


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