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Conservationists Get a Surprise, Finding Two-Headed Turtle on a South Carolina Beach

Wildlife volunteers inspecting nests on a South Carolina beach came across an unexpected surprise: a two-headed sea turtle hatchling.

South Carolina State Parks /Facebook

According to South Carolina State Parks, is The two-headed loggerhead turtle hatchling is the result of a genetic mutation.

South Carolina State Parks /Facebook

The find was not as rare as one might expect: News reports of other hatchlings of two-headed turtles appeared in 2017 and 2019, with photos taken in Atlantic hatcheries in Hilton island in South Carolina:

And in florida by a university fellow.

Leah Rittenberg / UCF Marine Turtle Research Group

Like a very cute version of the Greek legend of Hydra, where for every severed head the serpentine creature would grow back two more, the Ediston Beach calf has now been released into the ocean.

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Now he will swim in new directions, to the next stage in his fascinating two-headed life.

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