Ciaté 9-Piece Trend Edit Eye Shadow Palette – Review

The makeup industry is smitten with eye shadow palettes. They’re absolutely everywhere and, in my case, spilling form the drawers of my vanity. 

Burgundy and warm-toned palettes are by far some of the most popular, so when I come across one, admittedly I’m kind of meh about it. Do I love coppers, deep reds, and spicy browns? Why, yes I do. Do I have enough of these colors in my overall collection of shadows? Also yes. But Ciaté London’s Trend Edit 9-Piece Eye Shadow Palette is one I consider worth keeping in my collection.

For me, the key to a good eye shadow palette is options. Meaning, if I leave the house for a trip somewhere, and I pack one palette and nothing else, I should have everything in that single group of shadows to create a complete look. Now, I know not every palette is created to do this — there are some that are just shimmers and others that are exclusively glitter shades meant to be used in combination with other hues in your collection. But generally speaking, I like the convenience of a palette that has a cohesive color story, mattes, shimmers, and hell, maybe even a glitter or two.

This Ciaté palette gives me all that. Of the nine shades included, four are neutral browns (hello, crease color options). Five of the shades are shimmers — there is a light champagne hue, a deeper gold one, a frosty, slightly purple-toned option, a pinky color, and dead center is an extremely foiled copper color. Each is creamy and rich in texture, but I have to say, when I swatched the palette, the copper was definitely the most satisfying to run over the back of my left hand. 

Courtesy Jihan Forbes

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