Chrissy Teigen’s New Spine Tattoo Is Dedicated to John Legend

Chrissy Teigen loves giving her over 33 million Instagram fans a candid look at her life. Sometimes it’s a super cute video of her son Miles or a short clip of the latest delicious-looking dish for her next cookbook. Her latest life update is a new tattoo that’s running down her spine, and its significance will make your heart melt. 

The model uploaded a short behind-the-scenes video of the process to Instagram featuring Los Angeles-based tattoo artist Daniel Winter (known as Winter Stone) and her husband, John Legend. Her new ink is a tribute to her husband and his musical craft with lyrics from the song “Ooh Laa” on his latest album, Bigger Love. The video opens with Legend singing a few notes before the full song starts playing in the background, and all three start prepping for the tattoo

The tattoo features the two words “Ooh Laa” along Teigen’s spine in a minimalist script font. This isn’t the star’s first time getting inked, so she came prepared with support from her husband and an adorable, tiny, rainbow-colored stuffed llama that plays music and dances. Legend lends a helping hand by placing the stencil on her back and holding Teigen’s hand throughout the process. To ensure her new ink heals right, Winter applied Doctor Rogers Restore Healing Balm as an aftercare product to keep the area moisturized. 

Midway through the video, Legend and Teigen sit and chat about her first time hearing the song, “Ooh Laa,” a moment which she says she doesn’t remember. But of course, her husband lovingly reminds her with a smile on his face that they played it on vacation, and it was a “good conversation starter.” 

On another beauty note, Teigen showed up to the appointment with jewels and gems decorating her face. Perhaps those colorful adornments are the key to making tattoos hurt less? Well, maybe not, but regardless, they look super cute and seem to have kept her spirits high during the process. 

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