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Chrissy Teigen Loves the Purple Hair Filter So Much, She Bought a Wig

Starting the new year with a different hair color, no matter how drastic the change, is an exciting way to mark the Earth’s orbit around the sun. And of course, celebrities aren’t holding back in 2021. On just the second day of the year, after using Instagram’s Cabelo Colorido filter to experiment with purple hair, Chrissy Teigen told fans to expect the bright hue on her head soon — and she kept her promise. On January 10, the model blessed us with her new purple hair that just so happens to be a fire lace wig. 

The model posted a few photos of her new gorgeous violet hairdo to Instagram with the caption, “The wig life… chose me.” Her purple hair is parted straight down the middle and falls mid-way down her chest in the loosest of waves that make the color look even cuter. The vibrant hue was honestly made for Teigen with how flawless it looks. 

You can thank Los Angeles-based hairstylist known as Fame with Jay for the beauty and installation of this wig. He custom-made this violet unit for the star. Teigen even shared a few behind-the-scenes looks at how Jay laid the wig on her Instagram Stories. She starts off with her hair cornrowed neatly underneath a wig cap; then, the story switches to Jay expertly cutting off the lace.

Courtesy of Instagram/@chrissyteigen
Courtesy of Instagram/@chrissyteigen

The next slide showcases Teigen with the completed look, asking fans, “Is this hot girl shit?”While we may not have the authority to answer yes or no, we have a good feeling that Megan Thee Stallion would approve.

We love seeing Teigen branch into new territory with this vivid hair color, and she seems happy, too, even if she’s still getting accustomed to it. On her Stories, she jokingly tells fans, “Join us on this journey of figuring out who we are.” We may not have an answer to that question, but we are excited to see what hair color comes next.

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