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Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Let Luna Cover Them in Silver Makeup

Chrissy Teigen has always let her adorable daughter, Luna, partake in a few kid-friendly beauty rituals. Whether they’re doing Disney Princess sheet masks together or Luna is insisting on washing her mom’s hair, the pair clearly loves to bond over beauty. And sometimes they even invite Luna’s dad and Teigen’s husband John Legend along for the fun.

On Teigen shared a multi-slide Instagram post with several photos and videos showing Luna’s doing her mom’s makeup, and you could say the budding makeup artist is going through an avant-garde phase. “I don’t fucking know, just swipe,” Teigen wrote in the caption, and we get it — it’s hard to find words for Luna’s creative vision.

The first video shows the four-year-old coating Teigen’s entire face in what appears to be silver eye shadow, using a blush brush; Teigen sits there tolerantly, her lips pulled in to avoid getting the shimmery powder in her mouth. In the next photo, we see Luna carefully examining Teigen’s silver face as she determines wear to apply the pink lip crayon in her hand. Next, Teigen seems to take matters into her own hands to blend the look with a small brush. 

The next two photos show Teigen and friend Nova Kaplan, who’s wearing her own elaborate look, sitting on the floor, seemingly accepting their makeup fate. But it’s the final photo in the carousel that really made us say, “Awwww.” Luna recreated her mother’s silver look on her Legend, who’s seen sitting on the floor as his daughter goes to work covering his face — and shirt — in silver powder.

Teigen’s Instagram Stories revealed that the TV host and social media superstar ended up with an even more dramatic makeup look. Nearly half of her face and one of her eyebrows was covered in crystals, and neon-orange eyeliner made the look seem even more futuristic.

Instagram/Chrissy Teigen

“Every single time I’m doing my makeup, I have to put her on the counter next to the sink, and we’re doing it together,” Teigen said two years ago, when Luna was already showing an interest in beauty. “She knows what each little tool is for, she knows that the brows go up, she knows certain brushes are for certain things, she knows where the lip gloss goes.”

And she’s clearly a little creative liberty with that knowledge.

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