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Chiron Retrograde 2021 Wants To Heal Your Trauma

Regardless of how it works, astrology has a way of pointing out areas of our life that need tending to. Chiron retrograde, which begins on Thursday, July 15, and ends on Sunday, December 19, asks us to finally deal with unresolved trauma. As CafeAstrology reports, Chiron is a comet that’s known as the wounded healer. In Greek mythology, he is a centaur who was a healer and teacher who tragically could not heal himself. However, Chiron is wise, independent, and lives on in lore and astrology to help us take care of our own wounds, so we don’t fall to the same fate. 

The position of Chiron in your natal chart can help you address areas of your life in which you may have experienced trauma. It sits in between eccentric Uranus and strict Saturn, helping us balance independence with responsibility. When the comet goes retrograde, it’s an opportunity to finally address those old wounds, so that you may move forward living your best and healthiest life. 

Chiron retrograde starts on Thursday, July 15, and ends on Sunday, December 19. The entire retrograde takes place in the sign of Aries, a bold fire sign. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so this brave energy can help you finally start therapy, leave a toxic relationship, or recognize the importance of self-care. The world can be a cruel place and as a result, many of us have trauma, whether it’s generational, stemming from a sexual assault, or other pain points. 

Even if you don’t feel deep wounds, many of us are recovering from more trauma than we realize due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Chiron’s retrograde in 2021 gives us a chance to heal in order to live the happiest and healthiest life possible. Curious how it affects your sign directly? Keep reading. 

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Chiron retrograde will affect you more than others, as it falls in your sign, bold Aries. In fact, you’re probably already on top of processing the trauma of the pandemic and may be used to digging into old wounds with a therapist. Just make sure to factor in plenty of time for self-care, healthy meals, and sleep to self-soothe during this emotionally challenging time. 


Life is actually going pretty well for you these days, Taurus, but every now and then painful old memories keep you up at night. So far, you’ve fought these scary memories with sex, food, and wine, and may feel like most of your emotional heavy lifting is taken care of. Chiron retrograde wants you to know that life can get even better. Set aside time this year to talk to a professional about your secret old wounds, meditate, or confide in a trusted friend. 


Chiron retrograde asks you to examine your relationships, sexy Gemini. You likely have plenty of friends and lovers at your disposal, and pride yourself on your flirtation skills. Not to call you out, but are you dating in a manner that’s true to your needs, or just avoiding intimacy? Spend some time reflecting to figure it out. 


Chiron retrograde has an unusual order for you, Cancer: stop ruminating on the past. You are prone to guilt, nostalgia, and generally living in daydreams from years ago. What you need is a swift kick in the butt to remind yourself how good life is in the present. 


You are just so fabulous, Leo, that you may avoid thinking about the past — but sometimes you need to heal to properly move on. Chiron retrograde reminds you that you could be even happier and healthier if you finally acknowledge old childhood wounds. Try working through it with a creative outlet.


You are a sign that’s prone to anxiety, dear Virgo. As the healer of the zodiac, you may feel compelled to spend your time helping others during Chiron retrograde but beware of taking on other’s woes. Try prioritizing yourself for once, and if you can, take a nice vacation. You don’t want to end up like Chiron, who helped others but left himself neglected. 


Chiron retrograde turns your attention to your career, pretty Libra. Childhood trauma can affect how we spend our days. Are you happy with your work, or are you people-pleasing? You don’t have to completely switch careers, but make sure to at least start a hobby that is for you, and only you. 


You tend to self-sabotage relationships due to unresolved trauma, whether you realize it or not, Scorpio. Whether you’re trying to make a long-term relationship work or getting back into the dating scene, consider working with a therapist so that when romance enters the scene, you’re ready to greet it heartily and healthily. 


There’s no easy way to say this, Sag, but sometimes you can be a bit harsh. Of course, you’re the life of the party and one of the most charismatic signs of the zodiac, but when you feel threatened, you may lash out. This can affect how your partners, friends, and coworkers see you. Chiron retrograde asks you to dig into any anger issues and find new healthy outlets to express these emotions. 


You work so hard, Capricorn, that you sometimes overlook your own needs. But let’s be real — you need to relax. Take time off. Trust that the world will keep turning if you step away from your career for a moment. If you do the work to take care of unresolved issues, you will be more productive in the long run. 


Yes, you have trauma, Aquarius, and you know it. You may not share it with others, but you understand your wounds. However, they can cause you to reject intimacy for the sake of seeming carefree. Chiron suggests trying art, an instrument, or another creative hobby to express your pain in a safe and personal setting. 


It’s not your fault that life moved slowly during the pandemic, sweet Pisces. Everyone had their work or personal life disrupted. Transitioning back to “normal” can feel scary and trigger old fears. Move slowly, consider journaling, and be gentle with yourself as you begin socializing again.

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