We discovered three cool items from Thought Catalog Books

This evening we glad to share with you a number of great items. There are a number of items in Thought Catalog Books worth featuring today, so let ‘s get to the list ASAP!

1st off on the list…

You Are Not A Princess (And That’s Ok!)

Watch as a little girl kicks a crown in the dust behind her to embark on her latest adventure. Our little girl is so many things, but she is most certainly NOT a princess. She’s an explorer, a climber, a lover of blueberries, and an expert at make-believe. This book is an ode to spirited little girls who lead beautifully messy existences. Who say “no” to princess costumes and “yes” to daydreaming. Who understand that their worth resides within, and not in some damsel in distress fairytale ending.

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Our second product on our list today is I Am The Hero Of My Own Life.

This is the guide to getting out of your own way.

I Am the Hero of My Own Life is a guided journal by Brianna Wiest, published to accompany the masterclass “The Hero of Your Own Life,” available through Thought Catalog Books and The Thought & Expression Company, September 2018.

This journal will help you envision your ideal life and then identify the unconscious attachments that are preventing you from living it. Through a series of writing prompts and exercises as well as some of Brianna’s favorite quotes, most popular articles, and new passages, it will help you sort through the conflicting thoughts, feelings, and fears that are preventing you from becoming the person you want and need to be. You do not need more motivation or drive to start building the life of your dreams. You need to better understand who you are, why you keep re-creating comfortable pain patterns, and why you may not really want what is it you think you do.

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