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Cancer Horoscope June 2021 — Love and Career Predictions

Read what your sign’s 2021 horoscope predictions have in store for you or check out the Cancer personality profile. 

Happy June, Cancer! Get ready to celebrate, because your season begins this month. Last month brought a chaotic eclipse, encouraging you to stay in and snuggle. Don’t put away those pajamas just yet, because June brings another eclipse and two major retrogrades. But first, on Wednesday, June 2, the romantic planet Venus enters your sign, lighting up your 1st House of Self. This is your time to be selfish and ask for what you want. Do you need more affection? Usually, you’re the one pampering a crush or partner, but this transit encourages you to turn the tables. 

The next major celestial event occurs on Thursday, June 10, with a new moon and solar eclipse in Gemini. This sign loves gossip, and eclipses are cosmic wildcards known for bringing drama. Grab your snacks, hang out with your pet, or snuggle with someone sexy. Do what you need to do to keep yourself off of social media if possible. 

The next day, on Friday, June 11, warrior planet Mars enters confident Leo and your 2nd House of Possessions. Mars is a planet of action and will help you get what you want. Its ferocious energy, especially when combined with fiery Leo, brings bountiful news for your finances. Circle this date in your calendar to ask for a raise. You deserve it. 

The most action-packed day in June is Sunday, June 20. To start, it’s officially Cancer season! It’s warmer out, people are getting vaccinated, and if you feel safe enough to do so, plan a picnic or beach trip. You excel at bringing people together and throwing celebrations. Share your infectious joy for life with the world, creative Cancer. This same date is also the Summer Solstice, a witchy celebration of life, so now you have two excuses to party. 

Sunday, June 20, also marks the start of Jupiter retrograde, which will last until Sunday, October 17. You’re known for your nostalgia, Cancer, in both good and bad ways. You’re notorious for your good memory, but also tend to lament over exes, which can make it hard to move on. Jupiter retrograde asks you to cut that shit out. There are babes all around you and work opportunities galore. You just have to poke your head out of your crab shell to notice them. 

Mercury retrograde ends on Tuesday, June 22, so life will flow easier. Shortly after, a bright full moon in ambitious Capricorn and your 7th House of Partnership on Thursday, June 24, reminds you that romantic relationships take work. It’s fabulous that you’re exploring new relationships (or if you’re partnered, new things in bed) but passion cannot fuel love alone. It takes communication and loyalty, dear Cancer. Use this full moon to express how you feel and remember that hard work pays off. 

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