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Browser Extension Helps You Choose Amazon Products Based on Sustainability


A nifty new Chrome extension uses machine learning to rank products on Amazon by their eco-aspects, enabling consumers to make sustainable decisions about paper mill runoff or deforestation without having to do research on their breaks to lunch.

Called Finch, its ranking can be applied to the top 41 product categories on Amazon, where between 20 and 40 products are evaluated.

Browser extensions are becoming as widely used and exciting as the App Store was for the first iPhones. But compared to an iPhone, the operating system of a computer is much more powerful, allowing more creativity in the operation of these add-ons.

In addition to ranking the available sustainability information that appears on Amazon’s product page, Finch also extracts many of its rankings from long, industry-specific supply chain reports and self-reported data that are designed to be reviewed by parties. stakeholders and regulators.

Finch founder Lizzie Horvitz explains that nothing scores a perfect ten, just something above 6.5, and the product is already having minimal impact. He also says that it can sometimes be difficult to fully determine which product is the most sustainable, as it can often be determined by how the consumer uses it.

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“What is important for us is to show where it falls, given the relationship with the other products,” he says. Fast company.

In terms of the growth of the small startup, the sky is the limit. Finch wants to eventually rank all the categories on Amazon before moving on to other big e-commerce platforms and eventually “any e-commerce site.”

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There is currently a waiting list to purchase the browser extension, which does not appear in any market for digital extensions. You can join the waiting list on your website, Y read his blog As you do so, you will learn how to make the most sustainable decisions when faced with nearly endless options.

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