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Brow Artist Swears by Rosebud Salve for Eyebrow Grooming

“Unlike brow gel, wax, or brow soap, it’s ultra-moisturizing to the skin under the hair and to the hair itself, and it is thick enough in texture to hold our brow hair in place,” Sacks explains. Robinson agrees; he notes that the salve is high petrolatum, which he says “works as an emollient to help moisturize the brow and skin underneath.” 

Sticking to her regimen, she explains, presents a greater possibility that her clients will grow more brow hair and, in turn, provide her “a better canvas for shaping.” On top of that, it just looks nice. “It adds a beautiful shine to the brow; it also doesn’t flake,” she says. “It allows you to have a fuller brow without being so dependent on harsh cosmetics to create artificial thickness or shape.”

There is one caveat to this hack, though. According to Connecticut-based board-certified dermatologist Mona Gohara, the fragrances and oils in the salve might cause skin barrier inflammation, especially if used daily over an extended period of time. “Roses are red, but they can make your eyebrows red, too,” she jokes. If you know your skin is sensitive to fragrance, this trick might not be best for you — or you might want to cut down your uses to every now and then. 

While it’s impossible for me to give up pomades, pencils, and gels entirely (it is my job to try new beauty products, after all), I can’t argue with the results of Sacks’ method on my own eyebrows. I’m a makeup maximalist by nature, but Sacks makes an appealing argument for putting down certain products, at least from day-to-day. “On a daily basis, I believe [you should be] be gentle with your brows,” she says. “Kind of like when we wear flats or sneakers daily and high heels occasionally.”

And let’s be honest, now that a majority of our interpersonal interactions take place virtually, who’s going to notice if you’re wearing a pencil versus a powder versus nothing at all? So maybe it’s time to try cutting a few products from your roster — your brows will thank you after a while. 

Rosebud Perfume Co. Rosebud Salve, $7, is available from

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