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Boy Thought His Pandemic Birthday Would Be No Fun–Then a Magician Got Involved (Watch his Eyes)

Illusionist Rick Lax was just five years old when he began practicing and performing tricks. His parents bought him a Toys-R-Us magic set and he loved it.

During his childhood, he never stopped practicing and his illusions became more and more sophisticated and successful.

However, when it came time to apply to colleges, there was no real magic or Hogwart school to apply to, so Rick studied law. Torts and contracts were never his true passion. But at 27, he was back with his first love. Magic.

Since then, Lax has become an illusion consultant for David Copperfield. He has helped create and produce magical television shows.

Now? You are helping others feel good when the pandemic is bringing them down.

Hearing recently about an upset boy who couldn’t celebrate his birthday with friends, Lax knew how to cheer him up.

The boy’s reaction to his ‘magical’ day in the video is astonishing. Just look his face in the video when the last item the bag comes out.

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