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Blowing Open the Dusty Windows of Perception

Opening the dusty windows of perception

March 14, 2021– “Certain places, such as where water from a spring falls onto a slippery ledge of rock, sculpting the soil of canyons, or where steam bubbles from dark cauldrons in Yellowstone as bison crouch nearby, have the power to radically alter my state of consciousness, so that suddenly my mind-body remembers the most expansive thoughts, the ecstatic feelings, the deepest mysteries or the most important cosmic questions of my life. It is almost as if I have something like a ‘high touch ‘ from the earth “. (57 reads)

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To take actionConsider the questions posed by the author at the end of her article: “Perhaps your windows (or doors) of perception are never dusty or closed, but if they are, how do you open them? What do you see or feel, remember or imagine? ”


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