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Blind For 15 Years She Now Has 20/20 Vision And Sees Her Grandchildren For the First Time


A woman who was blind for 15 years finally regained her sight after a life-changing operation.

Doctors believed 59-year-old Connie had glaucoma when she quickly began losing her sight more than a decade ago. But then an ophthalmologist diagnosed cataracts in 2018, one of the most common and treatable vision problems in adults.

Connie, who lives in Colorado, began noticing halos and prisms in the lights while driving in 2003 and went to a doctor who told her she had glaucoma. Three weeks later, he lost his sight and peripheral vision even further.

Doctors believed that his vision was inoperable. She went blind. Determined not to let her condition stop her, Connie continued to do things she used to love, such as ice skating, kayaking, camping, and attending sporting events and concerts.

“I was so happy to have nosebleeds screaming at the top of my lungs and not seeing anything,” she said.

“I just lived life as long as I could the way I did before I lost my sight.”

Still, she found it difficult to adjust to some things.

“I wasn’t quite sure how to use a cane and kept walking into the bushes,” she said. “I had to have someone with me when I cooked to make sure the food looked good. He couldn’t suck and had to sweep in a pattern. “

Then three years ago, he underwent the surgery that changed everything in his life.

On November 12, he had surgery on his right eye.

“When the patch was removed the next day, the first thing I saw was the nurse’s eyebrow, eyelashes and pupil and I started crying,” Connie said. “He had me read an eye chart and the first line I read was 20/20.

“I got my second eye done and right after Thanksgiving, I was seeing 20/20 with both eyes.”

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Connie’s guide dog, Talulah Mae, now acts like a common and much loved dog. He also has a job as a unit clerk at UCHealth.


He has been able to see his oldest grandson for the first time since he was a baby, and his eight other grandchildren for the first time.

“The oldest is nothing like the one she had when she was three weeks old,” joked Connie.

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Then there are the beauties of nature that unfold to see and behold once more.

“I could see all the flowers sprout and the trees grow leaves,” she said, delighted.

“People think it’s tedious watching grass grow, but when you haven’t seen a blade of grass in years, you see grass growing.”

To see her husband again? Connie says, “He’s still the most handsome man ever and I’m still completely in love with him.”

Now, she’s excited to get back to taking the vacation the couple had been on when she was blind.

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“It took me to the Oregon coast, Yellowstone and all of the Rocky Mountains. Now I just want to experience it again, ”he said.

“Well, I want to go see him.”

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