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Black Hair Podcast

By Jenna Brooks

From the Broadway legend Salisha Thomas, comes a brand-new podcast dedicated to all thing’s black hair. Her new podcast called “Black Hair in the Big Leagues” discusses all sorts of tips, tricks, and stories she’s experienced while working on Broadway with natural textured hair. 

Salisha Thomas sits down with numerous different professionals from all sorts of different industries like theatre, cosmetology, and entertainment to talk about black identity expressed through hair in the professional world. She brings people in to tell stories of their own personal experience dealing with hair backstage in the theatre. Salisha is able to bring in different perspectives from people with issues such as Alopecia and accommodations that have to be made in the industry specifically for different hair issues. Since many people working in Broadway don’t understand black hair or have limited experience, leaving black actresses in an awkward position.

Salisha also brings in powerful black women such as Miss USA, to discuss all sorts of different hair tricks for maintaining their beautiful curls and texture. She explains that you should never be afraid to experiment with different styles, colors, and extensions, however, no matter what you choose you should wear your hair with confidence. She’s a large proponent for going with natural hair and choosing to rock what you were born with. Salisha’s vibrant personality and energetic guests make the podcast a great listen for anyone looking for hair tips or hearing experiences similar to their own in the professional world! 

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