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By Jenna Brooks

For those of you who have gotten comments, looks, or even punishment for your natural hair at school or at work, a saving grace has finally come. This new black hair guide, called the Halo Code, has recently just been introduced to protect all black women and men from any form of discrimination whether in schools or the workplace. 

No longer will sending kids and teens to the black of the classroom or sending them home for their “unruly” hair, be an option. Students in their early teens have often reported a negative effect on their confidence and self-esteem from all of the rude comments they’ve heard from teachers and even fellow students. Because hair is a large part of identity, no matter who you are, being told your hair is distracting or messy simply because of the way it is naturally, it can cause young teens to question who they are. Those in school deserve to focus on learning, studying, and tests, considering they already have enough on their plate without focusing on social factors, and let alone their hair. 

With more and more students being sent home for their natural hairstyles, this guide was something that needed to be put into place. Additionally, compared to white students who are allowed to dye their hair different colors and try out all sorts of different hairstyles, it can leave black students feeling left out. The co-founder of the Halo Code, a 16-year-old girl herself, believes that all students deserve to be celebrated for their individuality and not treat differently based upon things they cannot change about themselves. Many different employers and schools have already begun to implement this new hair guide, creating a more welcoming environment for employees and students, and ensuring all feel accepted in their place of business or learning. 

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