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Billie Eilish Debuts Shaggy Chin-Length Bob Haircut with Bags — See Photos

Back in March 2021, Billie Eilish officially left her signature black hair and neon-green roots behind, to her fans’ delight. She opted for a drastic hair change with a stunning white-blonde hue. She also hopped on the super trendy shag cut trend with a full fringe that looks amazing. Now, she’s experimenting with her hair once again; on August 23, Eilish debuted a brand-new, chin-grazing bob. 

The 19-year-old shared a short video on Instagram showing off the new cut with the caption, “gone,” most likely referencing the inches of hair that have been shorn off. Her medium-length hair transformed into a super cute choppy bob. In the video, she runs her hands through her hair and you can see all the bob’s layers in this cut. 

The bob falls right around her chin with some shorter layers on top, which you can see up close in the screenshot below. Her hair has a little bit of texture, giving it a touseled appearance that adds to the edgy vibe of the whole look. It doesn’t look like she will be trying the bleached eyebrow trend anytime soon because her bold brown eyebrows shine right through her light blonde bangs (and we’re loving the contrast between the two hues). And despite the new haircut, her white-blonde color seems to be here to stay.

Courtesy of Instagram/@billieeilish

It looks like Eilish’s mother may have helped inspire this hair change because the singer-songwriter posted a few vintage photos of her mom with a similar short haircut on her Instagram Stories. Their haircuts look pretty similar, but her mother’s bob is a bit more blown out and voluminous.

Courtesy of Instagram/@billieeilish

Last year, Eilish promised fans she would change her hair after receiving incessant questions about her signature neon-green roots. And she hasn’t yet disappointed with any of her hair changes. Who knows what other cool hairstyles she has planned, but we simply will have to wait and see. 

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