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Become an ancestor

July 30, 2021– “Did you know that we are all on the way to become someone’s ancestor? It’s true. We are all future dead, and 100 years from now, someone like me will come looking for you.
I know this for sure because there is usually at least one in every generation, just like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We are a bit obsessed with what we do. Say you have no interest in family history or genealogy? Perhaps you never met your biological family. Maybe you are away from them. Or you have no interest in learning about your ethnic heritage. Regardless, on your way to becoming an ancestor, you’ve lived, haven’t you? You have stories
on the paths that you have forged, the paths taken, and not taken, and your dreams. In the future, someone like me will want to meet you. My life could change knowing you existed. “Genealogist Natalie Zett shares the compelling story of what sparked her interest in family history … (206 reads)

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To take actionWhat does the idea of ​​being a “future ancestor” bring you? What inspires you? To learn more about Natalie Zett, tune in to this in-depth conversation with her: “Family Stories, Timeless Connections.” [more]



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