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Huzzah! we glad to share with you a number of great items. There are several items in Klei worth featuring today, so let ‘s get to the goodies asap!

The very first product we have is

Clarify SuperGreens & Lavender Green Clay Mask

Rebalance & replenish your skin.

A balancing blend of French Green Clay, Spinach, Alfalfa, Lavender, and Aloe Vera, this pore-clearing mask works to clarify and calm the skin. The Clarify mask is an extraordinary tool that absorbs excess oil, calms irritated skin, removes impurities, and soothes dry skin.


  • Calms Breakouts – French Green Clay detoxifies the skin by removing impurities from pores, helping to calm irritation. It also regulates oil and sebum production.
  • SoothingAloe Vera Powder softens and soothes the skin, helping to reduce inflammation and irritation.

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Mother’s Day Gifts > Clarify SuperGreens & Lavender Green Clay Mask

The second product on our list today is Brighten Fruit Enzymes & Honey Yellow Clay Mask.

Naturally soft & radiant skin

Get soft and glowy skin with the Brighten Fruit Enzymes & Honey Yellow Clay Mask. A brightening blend of Yellow Clay, Pineapple, Papaya, and Honey, this exfoliating mask works to resurface and soften dull skin, giving you a radiant and natural glow.


  • BrighteningYellow Clay energizes and brightens the complexion by gently exfoliating. It also calms down redness and any discomfort caused by irritations.

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Clay Facial Masks > Brighten Fruit Enzymes & Honey Yellow Clay Mask

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