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Bags of satisfaction: new issue of Positive News is packed with inspiring summer reads

From the boom in garbage collection to the joy of intergenerational friendship, the new issue of Positive News magazine is packed with inspiring stories about things that are going well in the world. Editor-in-chief Lucy Purdy explains more

My little boy calls the trash “dub dub”. He earnestly points to the bottles, cans, and crisp packages on the side of the road as we walk, nodding approvingly as I grab them with a dustpan and drop them in a bag that’s tied over the handle of the stroller. “More, mom!” he says.

By the age of two, you may already be experiencing the strange satisfaction of picking up trash. As our cover story explores, it’s happening on a larger scale than ever in the UK. Stores are being sold without garbage collectors, more and more people are joining in on large-scale cleanups, and there are more and more efforts to register garbage as well, in an attempt to address it at its source.

Of course, it’s a shame that the problem exists in the first place, but I’m inspired by the ingenious ways that communities are doing something about it.

A drop in the bucket compared to the scale of the challenge? Yes, but garbage collection also represents fresh air, exercise, laughter, and community spirit. And, not least, the empowering feeling that we are making a difference, even a small one, especially when we do it collectively.

Garbage collection also represents fresh air, exercise, laughter, and community spirit.

It’s easy to be cynical when we see so much garbage and your suggestion that people don’t care.

But as with many of the topics we report on in the new issue of Positive News magazine, there is always another way to answer and another side to the story.

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