We assembled 3 cool items from SOM

Hooray! we are delighted to share some really awesome products. There are a few items in SOM worth featuring today, so let us get going asap!

1st today on our list is
Urban Trekker Steel Blue

The Urban Trekker Steel Blue is retiring as of 01/05/2021Making room for future models!

The Urban Trekker is our response to the demand for an urban casual sneaker, which offers water resistance, yet is breathable and has a classy look. The Urban Trekker, in Steel Blue or Vintage Sepia or Sumptuous Red, is an everyday “go to” vegan shoe; that is not afraid of some rain or some snow. It comes with a pair of

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Our 2nd product on our list for today is HiLite in Black.

A real active mid-top

Shield your ankles from rocks and dirt with mid top style in a lightweight, breathable sneaker.

The HiLite in Black HLN 2 (w/ Power Knit) is lighter and more breathable than it’s predecessor, while offering  quick-drying, abrasion-resistant durability. Perfect for outdoor activity in the hot summer temperatures.

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For the third product on the list for today is Camo Navy.

Camo Navy is retiring, only few sizes availableMaking room for future models!

Camo Navy is our urban camouflage that is inspired by those in the Military. The lightweight material is an all-terrain 100% Cotton ripstop fabric free from chemical treatments making it durable, breathable, and flexible, great for the outdoors.

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Next we have Resoling.

Put a fresh pair of soles on your SOMs!

Have your SOMs been worn down? Extend the life of your SOMs by replacing their soles._____

We offer resoling for all models with SOM branded soles (“SOM” letters on the bottom). This includes new replacement insoles. Resoling works best when the tread is worn on the soles but before there are any holes. To learn when your soles are ready, and what to do when they are, visit our

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For our next item up we have Navy Blue Classic.

Now Retiring, only few sizes available, price reducedMaking room to future models!

We are pleased to introduce a navy blue classic sneaker for your wardrobe. Simple and classic for any occasion. It comes with gray laces.Key Features:

  • 15oz cotton canvas upper: durable and breathable.
  • Custom outsole: sheds mud and debris while providing secure traction and a smooth ride.

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