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Artist Uses Awesome Realistic Miniature Building Materials 

Erik Polumbo, co-owner of Mini Materials, founded the miniature construction company with his colleague Mat Hofma. Together, they have created a successful business, selling realistic miniature items such as bricks, cinder blocks, pallets, wood, and more. For those who enjoy the world of mini dioramas and art, Mini Materials will definitely come in handy. Here’s the story of two men who set out to become leaders in miniature building materials.

“Our mission is to create, manufacture and scale miniature building materials in a realistic format around the world,” says Erik.

They appear to have achieved this goal, selling their made-in-the-USA items to a global audience. On their site, they offer everything from masonry items to furniture, woodworking supplies, tuning forks, cement and mold mixes, and more. No matter what you want to build, they can help you turn your vision into reality!

All products are scaled (for example 1:12 scale) so that you can get an idea of ​​the sizes of the items. The company also includes a quarter in most item images for reference. You can even order custom made red bricks, pallets, and cinder blocks with your logo on them!

The miniature construction company has come a long way since its inception six years ago. What started as a dream turned into something much bigger than the boys could have hoped for. The miniature art scene has exploded over the years; there are even festivals and shows around the world dedicated to this art form. It can still be considered “underground”, but clearly, there is enough demand to produce a thriving business.

Miniature Construction Company Had Humble Beginnings, Now It’s Anything But Small

“[Mat] He started the company in 2015 working from his garage. I looked everywhere [and] I couldn’t find anyone else to make realistic miniature building supplies to scale, ”says Erik.

“[He] I decided there was a little niche there, he brought me in, and the rest is history. The most rewarding thing we do is nail our designs, add some humor to the cause of what we’re trying to do, and we do everything in our power to exceed customer experience and expectations. “

According to a interview about Starter Story, its best-selling product is cement blocks. They even provide you with molds so you can pour your own cement! What started when Erik made some cinder block molds out of 3D printing to have fun transformed into a full-blown business. With a background in graphic design, she knew she wanted to start her own ecommerce store.

However, he couldn’t think of what to sell until he came across a guy making his own mini cinder blocks on Reddit. That inspired him to make his own molds. When Erik posted his development story on Reddit, many people seemed interested in the idea. They didn’t even know they wanted or needed mini cinder blocks in their life until Erik brought it up!

A few years later, his business really took off. Now they have expanded the product lines to include mini masonry and even DIY kits for building models. Some people buy them as fun toys for their children, while others use the miniature building materials to create art. Either way, it seems like the world of mini art continues to grow and inspire thousands of people around the world!

Miniature building materials can be enjoyed by anyone, from children to adults alike.

Miniature building supplies aren’t just for art collectors or hobbyists. They have many other uses, from teaching tools to fun gifts. On the company’s Instagram page, it’s interesting to see what people create with the products. One man even built his own mini hospital and apartment! Miniature artists they have the ability to create realistic and meticulously detailed scenes. It’s amazing to see what they come up with!

Here’s a bit more background on the Mini Materials company, taken from your website:

“Our journey began in 2015 when we noticed that the world lacked realistic versions of the most common building materials used today. We set out to create the most attractive approach, avoiding plastics and paint, rather than working with the same recipes used for the larger versions. We have expanded our line to include various scales and products familiar to the world of construction.

“We are now the world leader in the manufacture and sale of the most realistic miniature construction supplies available. Supplies like cinder blocks, red bricks, jersey barriers, pallets, and lumber, all made the same way their replica versions are made, using real concrete, lumber, and nails. All of these are handcrafted in the USA.

“These make great fidget toys on your desk, gifts for the people in your life who have almost everything, great teaching tools for math and architecture, and for those hobbyists who like to build dioramas, dollhouses, or realistic models.” .

Erik says: “In the future, we hope to be a household name in the world of miniature art and construction. I appreciate you listening to me and go build something! “

Miniature art has been around since the 16th century. Back then, it was mostly limited to paintings and drawings. Today, sculptures, scenery and dioramas have become more popular as people’s interests have changed. There are endless possibilities for new creations due to our diverse and magically creative world. From movie scenes to city parks to cute cafes, artists can be inspired by countless people, places, and ideas.

Final thoughts on the artist who runs a successful miniature building materials business

Who knew that miniature versions of everyday items would one day become popular? They are not only adorable to watch and play with; they are essential for miniature artists to complete their work. However, you don’t have to be Picasso to enjoy mini art; anyone can have fun with these little supplies. Whether you need a fidget toy while working or want to teach your kids about construction, Mini Materials can benefit you.

Have you ever made miniature art or met someone who does? We’d love to hear more about your creations in the comments!

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